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Message from the Host

Fund Raising Events

Tuesday, October 25, 2016 Wine and Cheese, 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm, 124 Canterville Road, Calgary

Speaker- Dr. Alyshah Kaba, University of Calgary

Saturday, October 29, 2016 Magnolia Buckskin Benefit Concert 7:30 pm Suggested Donation $30 and up (all donations tax deductible) Location TBA


from left to right are:- Lawrance Kayange, George Mwitampango, Sion Munisi, Joseph Hamis and Msemakweli Mulengeki.

With thanks,
Directors: Dr. Valerie Grossman, Erin Waddell, Mitch Grossman, Jennifer Rosenthal.



Health Reach Canada

“Helping people out of poverty by helping people help themselves”


Cocktail Gathering & Fundraising Event


Health Reach Canada is a not-for-profit, non-religious, non-political organization. We support grass roots Education and Health projects in Nepal, Tanzania, and Mizoram India. All involved are volunteers. That means 100% of your donation goes directly to help.


How you can help:

·         $60-       1  student desk (takes 2 students off the cement floor)

·         $100-      1 Biosand water filter (provides 1 family clean drinking water)

·         $100-      2 orphan student Government final exam fees

·         $150-      1 orphanage bunk bed

·         $150-      2000 litre water storage tank

·         $250-      Medical Student Graduating Kit- Includes: stethoscope, blood

                  pressure cuff, pen light

·         $400-      Water Piping - from source to 1 house

·         $500-       Medical student/doctor Laptop

·         $750-       Renovate 1 orphanage accommodation room

·         $1500-     Nursing student tuition 1 year  

·         $3500-     Sponsor a Hubert Kairuki Memorial University (HKMU) medical

                  student - 1 year

·         $6000-     Drill a fresh water well

·         $10,000- provide solar lighting for an entire orphanage 

·         $17,500- Sponsor a HKMU medical student- 5 yrs- MD Degree




December 2013

2012 -2013 fiscal year was successful. Rather than employ funds to an event The Board of Directors made the decision to no longer hold fund raising events such as a golf tournament where at least half the funds raised must cover costs. This decision was positive as it freed money to apply directly to projects.

 Your donations made it possible to continue several projects and begin another: We began water piping in Hlimen Village, Mizoram state, India, between Bangladesh and Myanmar. The work continues. We continue supporting five Tanzanian medical students to  remain in school at Hubert Kairuki Memorial University. This year two more students graduated.  Their spots will be replaced by two more needy medical students. Students we support are chosen by the university. Funds go directly to the university. We started building a large brick wall around Nira Orphanage to protect the orphans and the food they grow to help feed themselves. We hope to finish it this year. Also at Nira Orphanage we completed installing new ceilings and fans, and repaired concrete floors and walkways. In 2012 we built a kitchen at Nira Orphanage. Prior to that they were cooking over a wood fire on the ground outside. Not only was this difficult, it was also dangerous in terms of fire hazard and health issues stemming from constantly inhaling burning wood charcoal fumes.  We continue to support the sewing program in Nepal, teaching women to sew so they have a skill to earn money. This keeps them off the street. The Safe Motherhood mobile program in Tanzania continues.


August 2011 Update

Thanks to donors we have  been able to to significant work so far this year. We completed the building of toilets and showers at Nira Orphanage in Tanzania.  We continue to pipe a village and provide 1000 litre water storage tanks in Mujawa Nepal. See Programs for details. We continue to support the Mobile Clinics and medical students in Tanzania and are beginning to build a kitchen at the orphanage. As always we are in need of funding to continue our sustainable and beneficial work.


January 2011 Update

We were able to meet our commitments in 2010. Four medical students  we supported graduated. Nila Orphanage has a well, two toilets and two showers. English as a Second Language training was provided in Nepal. Safe Motherhood Mobile Clinics were supported, and we added two new programs in Nepal, water access and a girls educational scholarship program.

Goals for this year include digging a well for a hospital in Tanzania so they can  grow food for their patients, supporting more medical students,  ongoing support for mobile medical clinics, and Nira Orphanage inTanzania, supporting girls go to school in Nepal, and addressing the water access needs in Nepal. Your donations will  make these projects reality.

Your donations can also be made through United Way and directed to Health Reach Canada through their Donor Choice program.


August 2010 Update

Due to the unexpected serious illness of a family member the tournament was cancelled. We continued with fundraising for this year and have been quite successful. Please consider donating as we have many projects waiting.  


Mark the Date - June 23, 2010 the next annual fundraising event. If you are unable to participate we will gratefully accept your donation and put it to good use. All donations are tax deductable. 


Golf Tournament Outcome

The fundraiser and golf tournament at Silverwing Golf Course in Calgary, Canada, held on August 19, 2009 was a success. Everyone had a good time, the prizes were awesome, the weather was perfect, and dinner was great. Enough money was raised to dig a needed well at Nira Orphanage in Mbagala, Tanzania (just outside Dar es Salaam).  This will be undertaken and completed as soon as possible.

Thank you to everyone who donated.

All monies raised go directly to programs supported by Health Reach Canada. We are constantly in need of funding to fulfill projects waiting. For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




Checks can be mailed to:

124 Canterville Rd